Scanning Probe Microscope Nano Educator

Scientific training laboratory of nanotechnology for institutes and universities

Complex approach to educational process

  • Students oriented
    - User friendly interface
    - SPM techniques step-by-step mastering
    - Clearness, animated support
    - No complicated adjustments
    - Inexpensive consumed materials
    - Simple probe replacement
    - Probe recovery availability

Basic operation modes

  • AFM
    - Semicontact modes
    - Topography imaging (constant force mode)
    - Phase imaging
    - Force imaging (constant height mode)
    - Force spectroscopy
    - Operation in liquids
  • AFM lithography
    - Dynamic plowing lithography (force)
  • STM
    - Topography imaging (constant current mode)
    - Differential contrast (modulation in X-Y plane)
    - Current imaging (constant height mode)
    - Work function measurements (Z modulation)
    - Tunnel spectroscopy (dI/dV measurements)
    - Operation in dielectric liquids


Sample size

diameter up to 12 mm

Sample thickness

up to 3 mm

Scan range

70x70x10 m (+/-10%)

Scanner nonlinearity


Min. scanning step

1 Å

Max. scan points

1024x1024 (max. RAM 64 MB)


AFM mode

X_Y – 10 nm, Z – 3 nm

STM mode

X_Y – 10 nm, Z – 2 nm

Probe characteristics


Tungsten wire D 100 – 150 m

Tip curvature radius

100 nm

Tip cone angle

20 – 40°

Tip sharpening availability

up to 10 nm

Optical system

CCD camera for visual tip approach control


by sample

Probe is grounded

Compatibility with long focus optical microscope

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