Research Microscope SK100EB & SK-100ET

Product Features

  • The Colour Corrected Infinity Optical System
  • New sculpt and durable frame
  • Good radiant system and mold-proof system
  • Super wide stage and observation of two slides

The SK100EB & SK100ET research microscopess are loaded with the most popular features,This scope is built on a heavy, durable frame. Standard features include: 10X High Eyepoint eyepiece, reverse nosepiece for easy access to the stage, and 110/220V automatic switching electronics. The scope can also be equipped with a number of optional accessories including: Polarization, Phase Contrast, Trinocular head.


Seidentopf Binocular Head with inclined at 30° , rotate 360°
Interpupillary Range 55mm-75mm


WF10X High Eyepoint eyepieces


Reverse quadruple nosepiece
Infinity Plan Achromatic Objec tives 4X/0.1, 10X/0.25, 40XS/0.65, 100XS/1.25 oil


Coaxial coarse&fine focusing adjustment
Fine Adjustment: Graduation of 2um | Tension Control knob


Double Layers Mechanical Stage with coaxial drive control
Size: 180mm X 150mm | Travel range: 75mm x 50mm


ABBE Condenser NA1.25 with iris diaphragm & filter


Built-in Illumination adjustable Brightness Halogen Lamp 12V20W, 85-230V 50Hz-60Hz variable power supply


Trinocular , Mirror, Simple Polarizer, Phase Contrast turret , 60x, 100X
Darkfield Condenser, CE 220V 50Hz Power Source, Eyepiece 10X/22mm, Ceramic Stage, Digital Camera Adapter

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